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Scientific forum is set to be the main interaction media for all of the participants. The scientific forum is divided into 3 stages, they are: experts stage, students special stage, and students general stage (for oral and poster presentation). The expert stage will be presenting the global and local experts and the discussants are local stakeholders that are relevant to the particular issue.  The student special stage is the special media for selected students to present their ideas in particular issue that has been picked up by the committee. This stage is oral presentation stage. The student general stage is to provide a wider chance for the students and other researchers to present their current work. The presentation will be valued by selected experts. The best students in both stages will be awarded with materials and special acknowledgement.

The following is the scheme of the academic activities:      


The forum would provide 3 main stages to accommodate the presentation of international experts and the students. The following is the list of the stages and its contents:

A. Experts Stage B. Students Special Stage C. Student General Stage

Seminar proceeding will be created and registered according to the indexing procedure. It will add on more values for the forum, and especially for the participants who have contributed their work to this forum.

As a tradition of The Post Graduate Forum, a social activity is also in the agenda. This is one of the most memorable moment that all participants would never forget about. It enhances the social bonding among participants and creating a new network among them. Traditional dance, interactive games, and music, will be the main menu of this social activity.

It is expected that information from various countries will be presented by the credible speakers from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as Australia, and it would be joined by the policy makers, the experts, and the students. In particular, the Association of Medical Specialist and policy makers will be sitting together to share their opinion and interests. This forum will provide an ample space to discuss deeply and intensively about medical specialist issues that have been rarely raised.