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July 19th 2019, at 13.30-16.30 pm, in Auditorium Lobby


Day 1, July 19th 2019 Day 2, July 20th 2019 Oral Presentation Poster Presentation    

No Kode Nama Title
1 P-DH-01 Ade Kurniawan Strategic Plan Developments of System and Technology Information  at Grhasia Mental Hospital Yogyakarta
2 P-DH-02 Niko Tesni Saputro One health data indonesia: implementation strategy
3 P-HF-01 Ahmed Alkhodary The Economic Burden Of Cognitive Frailty Among Elderly People In Malaysia
4 P-HF-02 Azera Hasra Ismail Socio-demographic data and cost of care for stroke patients in the primary care clinic, UKMMC
5 P-HF-03 Lama Saleh Suleiman Al Bashir Economic Impact of switching to fully combined vaccine “Hexaxim” instead of partially combined vaccines “Pentaxim and Hepatitis B” in Malaysian National Immunization Program
6 P-HF-04 Min  Adadiyah Regarding Task Shifting in Community Nutrition Issues
7 P-HF-05 Mohd Ihsanuddin Abas A Systematic Review on Economic Burden of COPD Admissions
8 P-HF-06 Syafrawati Incidence of Upcoding, Readmission and Possible Unnecessary Admission in National Health Insurance Provider. Evidence from Public Hospitals in Rural Province Indonesia
9 P-HF-07 Yin Nwe Aung Cost and outcome of ICU cases managed in ICU of a teaching hospital
10 P-HP-01 Diah Wijayanti Sutha Smoking behaviour among junior high school students
11 P-HP-02 Jodi Visnu How Anthropological Approach may Contribute to a Health Promotion in Asmat, Papua
12 P-HP-03 Krispinus Duma Body Mass Index and Blood Pressure Levels Amang New Student Then Students Are Studying at Mulawarman University.
13 P-HR-01 Bayu Chandra Remuneration 3P
14 P-HR-02 Harimat Hendarwan Case Patterns and Needs of Specialist Doctors in Government General Hospital
15 P-HR-03HRHR Sri Idaiani Doctor’s competency and psychoharmaceutical medicine availability in Community Health Care Centre (Puskesmas) for Mental Health Service.
16 P-MCH-01 Agustinus Vanda Harizona A case study of child disability (Down Syndrome) in a disadvantaged family: challenges on health service utilisation and potential improvement
17 P-MCH-02 Dwidjo Susilo Implication of National Health Insurance on Vaccination Coverage for Children Under 5 Years of Age in Indonesia
18 P-MCH-03 Fatmah Afrianty Gobel Family support in utilizing antenatal care (anc) services at bajonese community hakakotubu village, pomalaa southeast sulawesi
19 P-MCH-04 Mahindria Vici Rahayu Bibliometric Study of Violence in Midwifery Education Clinical Learning in Indonesia
20 P-MCH-05 Mahindria Vici Rahayu Obstetric Violence: Neglected Issue in Maternal Health Service in Indonesia
21 P-MCH-06 Mariati Rahmat Maternal Perinatal Audit (AMP) But The Death Of The Mother’s Children Are Still High In Sinjai District : Evaluation Program
22 P-QS-01 Else Agustina PRE-ANAESTHESIA ASSESSMENT: implementation and challenges
23 P-QS-02 Haryo Bismantara Value-based healthcare: Is Indonesia on the track?
24 P-QS-03 Ira Prasanti Clinical Risk Management Implementation in Hospital’s Unit: does it related to quality and safety?
25 P-QS-04 Shariffah Shafiqah Factors Influencing Patient Satisfaction Level On Interior Design Quality Of Public Hospitals In Malaysia