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Conceptual Framework


In Europe, medical specialist management is carried out by The European Union of Medical Specialist (EUMS). It consists of 39 member countries and representing a total of 1,600,000 medical specialists. The  EUMS gathers 43 specialist section, 15 multidisciplinary joint committees, and 2 thematic federations. It is interesting to know that the main objectives of the UEMS is to influence European health policy, by promoting the interests of medical specialists all over Europe. It also has a responsibility to establishing high standards of care, training and practice, continuing medical education and professional development and assuring quality in specialized practice. The topic of discussion in EUMS varies from training up to accreditation, to provide standardized services of the medical specialist across Europe for the patients.

How is it in Asia?  In the light of inter-countries patient migration, the discussion on medical specialist management is rarely done. The patients who go abroad are looking for medical specialist intervention which is not available in their own country. Singapore, Japan, China, and Thailand are the countries which provide high level services for Asian citizens and take the most benefit of this phenomenon. On the other hand, most of other countries are the supplier for these 4 countries. It shows that the supply side, mostly the medical specialist, in several countries in Asia is not ready to meet the demand. However, the discussion and evidence on this issue are not easy to find. Is it related to the education, training, and accreditation of medical specialist? How the authorized body in Asia addresses the medical specialist education, training, accreditation, and migration in the continent? What is the best mechanism to standardize the medical specialist service in Asia?

In terms of organization, many global chain hospitals are ready to enter the most attractive health care market. These big companies are ready to establish world-class service in particular countries in Asia. They would also bring the team of medical specialist. Although they are still facing some regulatory issue, but their system is actually ready to be implemented. Is it possible for global chain hospital to bring in their own medical specialist services to certain countries under the global regulation? How to regulate global and inter-country medical specialist services in this region?

These very big questions will be discussed in the Post Graduate Forum that would be held on 19-20 July 2019 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.


There are 2 main objectives of this forum, they are:

  1. To explore the strategic issue on medical specialist in Asia and to explain the role of medical specialist in the health system
  2. To generate new knowledge through academic discussion on the interaction of medical specialist with other health system components
  3. To obtain the new research agenda of medical specialist issue in Asia

To achieve these 2 main objectives, the forum has been planned to have several interactive program. Overall, there will be 3 main academic activities to accommodate the main objectives of the forum, as well as the interest of the participants.  These activities are:

  1. Call for paper (to be presented in oral and poster forum)
  2. Scientific Forum ( 3 stages)
  3. Seminar Proceeding